On taking a breather to catch up…

Wow, it really has been quite some time since I put together a blog post. I could blame life, seeing as I have quite a bit on my plate, but no, I should learn to manage my time 🙂 so let’s just stick with that (I am typing this post before heading off to class…).

What’s new? What’s happening?

Let’s see, since the holiday (which was sheer bliss), I have started evening classes, doing Integrated and Applied Branding at Vega in Bordeaux. It’s just a single module, and will take about 6 months. I have classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and even on some Saturday mornings. Last week I even wrote my first theory test in roughly 5 years!

I still have 2 assignments, 1 test, and 1 exam left, and then this will be done. I am, however, loving refreshing my knowledge, and learning new things about the industry I (sort of) work in. I’m not regretting applying for this for one second!

I have learnt so much in the last 2 (or so) months in class, and am already seeing myself applying the new knowledge in ways I do things. Awesome, right?

Geeky Dinners?

Recently I also attended the Girl Geek Dinner in Johannesburg (with the BFF), held at the awesome Higher Ground Restaurant at St. Stithians. What a lovely evening, and such inspiring people going there. I learnt a lot from the speakers, and will definitely be attending the next one. I love learning from esteemed leaders in the different industries.

How’s the healthy eating going?

I presume, well. We’ve really upped our vegetable intake, and are trying hard to limit take-away fods and junk foods. I can see my skin is improving, my nails are actually growing, and I feel more energised (mostly). I have also reduced my coffee consumption (to 2 cups a day), and upped water intake… So I am hoping we can keep it up.

Speaking of ‘us’

And I am using this term loosely, we celebrated 5 years together yesterday! I got treated to a full spa day, with heavenly treatments at Ubuhle Nature Spa just outside Fourways. I’m feeling relaxed, and just wish I could do this more often…


Yes, I am addicted to Dermalogica. Since I have bought the range of products in December, I have added on some products here and there, and have a sturdy collection of niceties now. I like to think that they are making a difference, because my skin feels great! Less breakouts, less lines. Seems like all round winning.

Which leads me to…

My new favourite beauty salon! Sorbet. I have always just walked past the store(s), thinking that I should try it… and in November I did. And I cannot stop going back! So much so, that I have moved over all my beauty treatments. The staff at the Clearwater branch are friendly, and they always smile. When last did you see staff always happy? Either way I love returning there, and will keep doing so. (Plus the store smells like sweets… what a treat!)


I have also been decluttering the house… last weekend I started with my beauty goods – anything not touched in the last 3 months got chucked. Then I moved on to the kitchen, and piled up some crockery and appliances that we never used to be donated to charity. The garage got a good clean out as well,and looks 100 times better than it did! Next stop? My closet, again. I still have clothes and jewellery that I don’t wear, and would rather hand them to someone who can get some use out of it.

Over and above all of this, I am alive, I am breathing, and just happy to be in the space I am in at present. I’m grinning on the inside, promise.

So, what’s new with you?

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