On treating myself (and my MacBook)…

When we ordered the MacBook, I was also looking for a protective bag for my sleek, new, shiny laptop that I would soon have. Looked on all the obvious websites, browsed in most of the stores, but I just could not find what I was really looking for (and something in my budget. Look R1800 for a certain brand of bag is just a bit much…).

Then, my very good friend, Noléne, suggested I head on over to Choc Chip Technological Couture’s website and see if I like what they have to offer…

This company offers a masculine and feminine range of customisable bags and goodies for your tech stuff. From satchels, to sleeves, super skinny, to chubby. And the best part is, you can choose how it will look, inside and out! You can even have your name embroidered onto the bag if you so please.

The site offers a selection of swatches and styles for you to pick and choose from, to make your perfect companion for your laptop/tablet. All with padding, to make extra sure that everything inside is protected.

Here’s what my bag looks like:

I chose the double handle chubby bag. The handles are long enough to carry over your shoulder, and there’s enough space inside for my 15″ MacBook Pro to fit comfortably, with all sorts of chargers, modems, and goodies that might accompany it.

On the outside, there’s the pretty grey material, with textured leather feel handles and other bits that rounds it off.

What you don’t see, is the hot pink lining present in the inside of the bag! It matches the embroidery… and it looks absolutely stunning, even if I must say so myself.

If you’re looking for a new/custom laptop bag, feel free to head on over to Choc Chip’s website, and treat yourself. Or a friend. Or a boyfriend/girlfriend/other half… you get the picture.

**I am in bag-love.**

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