On my ongoing skincare journey…

It’s been a few months since I switched to Environ skincare. This decision was based on the price of products and overall affordability, but also about supporting local products and brands who compete with the giants out there.

I’ve been slack, and have only given one update on how my skin is progressing… so here’s another, very belated one.

Monthly facials

I have been going for monthly facials at my favourite salon in the world, and my therapist is happy with my progress. I have upped my moisturisers and eye cream, as well as my toner to higher levels, and all is going well.

Home care

My skin is feeling quite sticky in the summer heat though, and I’m finding that the new eye gel is super duper runny. And I have no idea whether it should be like this or not… I’ve sent Environ a query to find out – I might be doing something wrong…

Other than that, I’m using the product as intended, and can definitely see improvement in texture and all-over health – I have less breakouts, less visible clogged pores.

I do sometimes miss a physical exfoliant, though – the one I have is purely chemical and can also double up as a masque. Bargain.

Side-effects and other concerns

I’m finding that I’m struggling with redness more than usual (look, I know I turn pink easily, but I would like to manage this…), as well as pigmentation (this has been with me for a while). So during the last facial, she added derma-lac (I think) to help with the spots.

I’ve noticed that environ also have peels. SO might start trying those every second or third month if they can help.

With the other ranges I used, I didn’t have as much redness. But it’s also summer, so it might just be related to living in the near-hell.

My next facial is scheduled for the end of January. So hopefully she will notice more improvement, and I’ll still be happy with the progress.

After all, all I want is healthy, glowing skin,



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