pickling piquante peppers.

piquante-peppersPiquante peppers. More commonly known to most of us plebs as Peppadews. But that name is trademarked, so, piquante it is. That sweet, hot little awesome that goes well on pizzas, in pasta, stuffed with goodies… mmm.

My mom dropped off a Checkers bag full of the stuff at my house last week, and another bag of jars. The instruction? Pickle these for us. Right-o. I’ve never done this, and doing it for others just add some extra stress to this exercise. So off to google, I went.

I found this recipe, and (mostly) followed the instructions, as I had about three times the amount of these things to put into jars.

You’ll need the following:

Examination gloves (no chilli burn, woohoo)
Jars to put your peppers into once you’re done (soaked, labels removed, or if you’re fancy you can buy some)

The below recipe (and the linked one) is for 500 – 700g Peppers (red-ripe). They probably fill about 2 jars.

Then, the following ingredients:

500 – 700g piquante peppers
60g coarse salt
600 ml water

Clean the peppers by cutting off the tops and deseeding them. The back of a teaspoon works fabulously to get the seeds out. I learned this after the first dozen or so.

Mix the salt into the water, let it dissolve and chuck the cleaned peppers in there, making sure they’re submerged. (Good luck with this one. Big pots have big openings. I ended up putting a steel bowl with water in on top and glad wrapping the crap out of it to keep it down.)

Leave them overnight.


The next day, mix the following and get it to a good rolling boil (lids are great, keeps the liquid from evaporating. Again, lesson learned).

375ml white grape vinegar
300ml white sugar
250ml water
4 pieces of ginger (I chopped one piece into 4, and voila. The recipe was vague.)
4 garlic cloves, peeled, whole (I smashed mine)
10ml peppercorns
4 bay leaves
2 hot chillies, stem removed, otherwise whole

Once the liquid is on the boil, add the piquante peppers and the chillies, boil for one minute and jar (sterilised jars*) them with the liquid. Close them up, let them cool, and stash them in the fridge.

Leave for one week before trying them. We’re still waiting to try the ones in our fridge…


*Note about sterilising jars: the recipe suggested baking the jars at 160 degrees celsius. I tried that. Or you can boil the jars. But make sure they’re sterilised before popping the peppers in there.

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