Review: Nature’s Lift Blemish Defense

Recently, I received a product to review, promising improvement in blemishes on one’s skin, improvement in skin texture and reduction in oiliness. Now those three things have always been on top of my list of skin battles… so I thought, why not.


The packaging states that there will be improvement in 28 days (and you will start to notice after 5 days). So off I went…

There are three products in the “kit” – a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. They are all made with natural ingredients, and I have to say, a little goes a long way. The cleanser looked like dark honey and the moisturiser like clay… well to me it did.

After a week I was ready to give up – breakouts were prevalent, but most products bring out whatever is underlying, so I persisted, and after 28 days of using this, I have noticed that my skin is, indeed, less shiny; my skin’s texture is looking good, and some scarring I had on my cheek was starting to minimise. Well worth it, I think.

I do have to note that I have a sensitive skin, and initially, there was some stinging involved with the product. It did improve over time, and by the end of the 28 days only happened occasionally. What I also noted was, that whenever a sneaky pimple did try to make an appearance, it disappeared just as quickly, with no marks left. Brilliant!

It might seem a bit pricy for the size of the containers you are getting, I initially thought they were teeny, but a little does go a long way, and I’m thinking it’s well worth the money if you’re struggling with skins prone to breakouts and oiliness.

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