spicy scrambled eggs.

Have you ever had a selection of random ingredients in your fridge, and absolutely no idea what to do with it? This might be an answer to your question. Delicious smelling, filling, scrambled eggs…

You will need:

Eggs (usually 1-2 per person)
Cherry tomatoes (I use the roma ones, they are packed with flavour)
Red onion, finely sliced
Baby spinach
Pickled jalapeno
Avocado, chopped

Lightly fry off the onions until just soft, and remove from the pan. Add your eggs to the pan and scramble lightly. Once the eggs start to get firm, add the onions, jalapenos, and tomatoes, so they heat up. Just before serving, add the baby spinach, so it just wilts. Add the chopped avocado over your eggs,  grate some cheddar cheese over and serve.

You can add lightly toasted bread as a side to eat the eggs with…

Some variations:

Add mushrooms, if you have those
If you don’t have cherry tomatoes, normal tomatoes will work fine
Bacon will add a nice meaty touch

Adjust the volumes according to your personal taste as well as the amount of people you are serving.

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