Thai Cooking Class

On Monday night, it was time to attend the Pick ‘n Pay Good Food Studio cooking class I had been looking forward to. The theme for the night: Thai.

First of all, I had never made Thai food before. Ever. I have just consumed red curries and green curries… So all of this was very new for me.

The class started (or was set to start) at 6pm. Traffic on William Nicol was horrendous, and I managed to arrive just in time. Luckily some of the other people were late as well, so I didn’t miss anything.

The Good Food Studio is part of Pick ‘n Pay on Nicol – which is a very cool place. I love the decor they have in the studio! The chocolate room, and wall decor drew my attention the most…

They took us through to the kitchen, and we were set to make 3 dishes. Everything basically from scratch. And I got to cook on a gas stove… which I have never done before, either.

1. Thai Spring Rolls:

This is definitely not the deep-fried chinese ones most of us are used to. These spring rolls are made from a rice-paper, and are not deep fried in any way, shape or form. Which makes them the healthier alternative, if you’re into healthier foods.

The filling for the eve? Chicken mince, carrot, vermicelli, coriander, spring onion. With a chilli dipping sauce. Totally yum!

2. Hot & Spicy Prawn soup

Let me start off by saying I got to devein prawns. And use the shells for soup. And I actually ate it….

It is different to the soups we as South Africans are used to, as it’s much more watery, and looks like broth in comparison. The flavours? Chilli, spring onion, prawn, lime leaves, lime juice, coriander, lemongrass… very fresh.

3. Thai Green Curry

They demonstrated how to make the green curry paste from scratch, and also how to flavour rice. I do like the cocout flavours in the curry , as well as the bit of bite the chilli brings.

Apart from this, we also learnt some knife techniques, and  didn’t mangle myself in any way whilst handling those big knives or open gas flames. I am proud.


You also get all the recipes from the evening to take home with you, so you can impress with your new cooking skills.

I will definitely be heading to another class (or two!). Will I be seeing you there?

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