On tracking the progress… my new skincare journey

model-1525629_1920It’s been just over a month since I switched to Environ skincare. Mostly this decision was based on the price of products and overall affordability, but also about supporting local products and brands who compete with the giants out there.

In the last month, I have been for two Environ Deep Cleanse Facials, and I have been using the introductory skincare products. I picked up the kit for quite a bargain if you remember correctly; and added their pre-cleanse to my routine.

Using the products in the kit, I initially had a bit of a “bumpy” start. Some bumps arrived on my stress areas, but didn’t last too long. They hurt like a mother, though… About a week or so and they started clearing up. My skin also got a wee bit flaky, but it also passed. Transitioning, they say. Well, I believe them, now.

Over the past weekend, I went for my second facial, and apart from my usual congestion (bloody T-zone… it’s ungovernable), all has normalised. My skin is soft and radiant. It’s decently hydrated, and the therapist at my favourite salon was happy with the progress my skin has made.

In four weeks, I go back for my third facial, and I’m hoping that I can see even more improvement. I might even try one of the Environ peels they have on offer, seeing as I am used to monthly glykopeels and my skin isn’t showing sensitivity to my current products.

We’ll also see if I can upgrade some of my products to level two. My skin seems to be resilient enough…

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