trying out daily dish.

I have been looking, no drooling, at Daily Dish for quite some time now, and a few weeks ago,
I decided to place my first order for delivery on 26 January.


Daily Dish provides weekly meals for 2 – 4 people, ready weighed and pre-packed, just ready for you to cook. They have low-carb and vegetarian options as well as a classic menu. Quite pricy (the classic menu works out to R84 per meal per day for 2 people) – but if you look at the packaging, labeling, recipes, and quality of ingredients, it’s well worth it.

My week’s meals included the following: Chicken Lazone, Bacon Risotto, Chilli and Lime Beef Skewers and Penne Arrabiata. The box of ingredients arrived promptly on Monday, with everything labeled, weighed and marked. The recipes are quite clear, and none of the meals take hours to make.



Day 1: Chicken Lazone

I had never heard of this dish before, and it had quite an interesting combination of spices… it did feel like I was cooking from baggies though – everything pre-measured, labeled, and packaged. I’m not used to cooking like this… so… organised!

The chicken was delicious. the spinach, admittedly a bit weird, but also yum, and the sauce… oh my hat, the sauce… AMAZING.

And it only took about 30 minutes to make.


Day 2: Bacon Risotto

Anything with bacon wins in my eyes. BUT, can I just say WOW? Quick, easy and so very yummy.

I haven’t made risotto before, and this was a great way to get into it. Definitely making this one again. AND it got finished off in the oven. No stirring until my arm nearly fell off.

Making this one again. And the husband agrees. Bacon wins.


Day 3: Chilli and Lime Beef skewers

This was probably my least favourite dish of all. Mostly because I screwed up the cooking time on the skewers. So will have to give it another try, just to know. The rice noodle, pea and coriander salad was awesome though and I polished that off my plate in no time at all.

Maybe I should make it off the skewer next time…


Day 4: Penne Arrabiata

The easiest, and quickest dish by far. I did however cave, and altered the recipe a bit, because I’m not normally a recipe person when it comes to cooking. I added extra chilli, and few other goodies into the sauce, because that’s how I normally make it.

It was like getting withdrawal symptoms from not adding a pinch of this and a dash of that…

The verdict:

Will I subscribe again? Maybe

Is it worth the price: Most of the meals, yes. The penne definitely wasn’t R84 per person, but the steak, etc. made up for that in price. The cuts of meat were decent, and the bacon was from woolies. Quality ingredients all over.

I’m super duper impressed with the ordering, delivery, and presentation of the Daily Dish goodies. I think if you’re totally averse to cooking, but would like to try, or if you’re pressed for time, this is ideal. Everything is neatly packed, beautifully presented, and, well portion controlled, so you don’t stuff your face with too much.

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